Pirates Property Owners Association
Register To Vote in Galveston

Registering to Vote In Galveston

Texas law permits you to register to vote in any County wherein you own a residential property.

This would apply to any persons who own a residential property in the Pirates community or anywhere in Galveston's West End beach and bay communities (except Jamaica Beach).

The residential property owned in Galveston need not be your homestead.

Registering to vote in Galveston is simple. Simply click on

How To Register to Vote in Galveston

for further instructions.

Also note that the mailing address on the form can be another location outside of Galveston if you do not receive mail at your Galveston address as is common for many West End property owners.

Why Register to Vote In Galveston?

Galveston's West End Beach and Bay communities are part of the City of Galveston (except for Jamaica Beach) and depend upon the City of Galveston for city services such as police, fire, trash, street maintenance and all other such basic services which are the responsibility of the city.

And while our West End Beach and Bay communities pay a substantial portion of the total property taxes collected by the city, our communities have little influence upon the elected officials of Galveston since most of our residents are registered to vote in locations outside of Galveston.

By registering to vote in Galveston, West End property owners will increase their ability to make sure not only that Galveston allocates appropriate resources to this important part of Galveston's economy and tax base, but that city laws and regulations take into account the needs of our West End communities.

Registering to vote in Galveston is simple and the PPOA suggests that those who own residential property in the West End register at least one member of their household to vote in Galveston's elections.