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PPOA Security Incidents Protocol
In the event of a security issue or crime, it is important that the homeowner FIRST contact the Galveston Police Department to report the crime or incident.
  • If a life is indanger, call 911

  • If an active crime is in progress, call 911

  • If a theft has occurred in the past that is just discovered, call the Galveston Police Department dispatcher at
    (409) 765-3702 to report the incident. A Galveston police officer should respond.

  • To report a trespasser, call the Galveston Police Department dispatcher at (409) 765-3702 and a Galveston police officer should respond.

After the Galveston Police Department has been contacted, we are requesting that the homeowner write an e-mail to Chief Deputy Hudson with details of the incident and copy the PPOA Website. The e-mails to use are as follows:

Chief Deputy Doug Hudson douglas.hudson@co.galveston.tx.us
PPOA Website webmaster@piratespoa.com

Incidents reported to the PPOA Website will be entered on this Security Incident page.
Incident Log

This morning a Cove Lane resident went out to their vehicle and discovered that 3 of their vehicles had been entered and had items missing.

Two of those vehicles were unlocked, one always locks their vehicle, but puzzled that there was no indication of the lock on that one being broken into.

On the vehicle that was thought to have been locked, the center console was left open and driver side door was left ajar by the burglars.

Two vehicles in the next driveway were unlocked and rummaged through. A pistol, handbag, keys, checks and change were among items taken. As this was being investigated this morning a neighbor several homes down on Cove Ln reported that at approximately 3 a.m. , he had confronted two males fishing on the dock next door, yelled at them that they didn’t belong there and the two young males ran.

Discovered this morning at water’s edge of the dock where the two males were trespassing fishing was the pistol (out of its holster) and the purse ( minus keys) .

It is unknown if items were dropped out of a backpack as the suspects were surprised and ran, or thrown down as the suspects fled. Keys, checks, other items were not found.

Galveston Police were called and a report was made.

The PPOA Security Patrol has been alerted.

Video footage from home security cameras in the area will be reviewed from Cove Lane and some additional video has come in from Doubloon that may be related
5PM 03/23/20 Reported b: Dr. Philip Dorn

3 fishermen pulled up to vacant lot next to new construction at end of Treasure Circle (cross street Christmas Tree). Unloaded car with equipment and began fishing on the bulkhead. I called GPD non-emergency number and 2 units arrived approximately 10 minutes later. They dispersed fishermen and made them throw back some undersized fish still alive.
7:45 PM 3/22/20 Reported b: Dr. Philip Dorn

  3+ trespassing vehicles parked on gated entrance road of Mr. Sanders on Treasure Circle (off Christmas tree) . We called GPD non-emergency number. Office responding said units were en route. A minute later they pulled up on multiple vehicles. Vehicles dispersed. appeared to be a number of fishermen trespassing on the wetland lot facing the exit channel.