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Pirates Property Owners' Association
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Officers and Directors
Officers & Responsibilities
Chris Robb
  • President

Lee Slataper
  • Vice President

Susan Gonzales
  • Secrectary
  • Managing Agent /President CKM Property Management

Ron Pearrow
  • Treasurer

Other Directors and Responsibilities
Darryl Greenfield (PC)
  • Canals & Beautification

Brandon Wade (PB)

Ashely Hanna (LC)

Jerry Mohn (PBW)
  • Beach & Bay Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Emergency Planning

Bet Jennings (LC)
  • Hurricane Preparedness

Doug Little (LC)
  • Architectural Review Committee
  • Deed Restrictions
  • Litigation Liason

Suzanne Robinson (PC)
  • Membership/Social
  • GCC
  • Annual Meeting
  • Easter Egg Hunt
  • July 4th Planning

Rex Ross (PB)
  • Web Site
  • Email Communications

B.J. Willingham (PB)

Richard Kuriger III (PC)
  • Special Projects
  • Spoil Area
  • City Garbage
  • Bay Issues

Mel Samuelson (PLTH)
  • Finance Committee